Shock Absorbers Repair


Repairing carshock absorbers or renewing car shock absorbers is a very delicate technical process. We also install hydraulic shock absorbers and air suspension.
The correct maintenance or renewal process is done by changing all parts of the shock absorber, air shock absorber or hydraulic shock absorber with new and original parts, and this maintenance and renewal is carried out using advanced and high-quality equipment and devices.
We have an advanced and sophisticated workshop to carry out the maintenance and installation process of the hydraulic shock absorbers. We offer this service to several countries, namely the Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, and the shipping process is smooth and fast as we deal with reliable and certified shipping companies.
NEJOUM AL SALMIYA has long experience in maintenance and restoration of car shock absorbers, German car shock absorbers, Mercedes air shock absorber, BMW shock absorber, Jeep Cherokee shock absorber, Volkswagen shock absorber, Audi shock absorber, Jaguar shock absorber, Land Rover shock absorber, Bentley shock absorber and Porsche shock absorber.
NEJOUM AL SALMIYA maintains the shock absorbers by a qualified team with high, long and trained experiences. The work team uses advanced equipment and devices to inspect and maintain the shock absorbers and hydraulic shock absorbers.
NEJOUM AL SALMIYA maintains the UAE shock absorber, Sharjah shock absorber, UAE hydraulic shock absorber, Sharjah hydraulic shock absorber, Abu Dhabi hydraulic shock absorber and Ajman hydraulic shock absorber, and we deliver free delivery to all the Emirates and cities within the country for free and we guarantee all our services for a period of 6 months.